Saturday, June 17th marked the completion of the second annual Return to Goat Island Race located in Snow Hill, MD. Orchestrated by the Walk on Water team, the race featured SUP, Surfski, OC-1, and Kayak divisions giving racers of all crafts an opportunity to participate.

Why then, is it called Goat Island? That’s simple!! In the town of Snow Hill, on the Pocomoke River, there lies a small island near the launch of the race. On this island there lives- you guessed it- a goat! And it is around this Goat Island where the 3 mile race course takes place. Paddlers had to make their way around the island 3 times to complete the course. Extra points for spotting the goat! 

The 17 mile race participants also had to circle the island, but only once, as they made their way farther along the river course, underneath the cover of trees shading their boards, and out into an open section before having to run through the marina on their way back to completing the challenging race! 

Also on the list of events was a kid’s race featuring head to head competition between two giant inflatable boards and a Flowmotion yoga demo on an anchored platform underneath the shade of trees floating listlessly on the river.  

The calm, fresh waters of the Pocomoke offer a different scene from other races as it is very protected, tranquil, and scenic while still remaining challenging with the current that swiftly flows through the water. This beautiful combines exceptionally well with the relaxed undertones of the town of Snow Hill- offering places to shop, eat, or wander around. It is through their generosity that Walk on Water was able to offer live music, food, and camping sites for those traveling distances to the race! 

The race and other events were a great success, filled with fun and laughter. The team at Walk on Water would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, as well as the generosity of the town of Snow Hill. We look forward to seeing new and old faces at next year’s race!! 


3 Mile Women’s SUP 12’6”:

1. Jeanna Leigh
2. Jessica Morgan
3. Alexandra Wehling

3 Mile Women’s SUP under 12’6”:

1. Jessie Benson
2. Julie Calvert
3. Rebecca Clemson

3 Mile Men’s SUP 14′:

1. Wayne Best
2. Todd Maciejewski
3. Christopher Shipp

3 Mile Men’s SUP 12’6”

1. Mike Clarke
2. Utaw Cooke
3. William Karditzas

3 Mile Men’s SUP under 12’6”:

1. Jim Rittling
2. Patrick Lyden
3. Matthew Miller 

17 Mile-

Women’s Solo SUP 14′:

1. Mary Howser
2. Corrine Banks

Men’s Solo SUP 14′:

1. Joe Ward
2. Steve Dullock
3. Emerson Smith

Women’s 2 Person Team SUP:

1. Lindsay Cook, Laura Drossner
2. Dawn Ehman, Courtney Clarke

Men’s 2 Person Team SUP:

1. Chris Sperry, Jeff Cook
2. Jason Phipps, Erik Kauffman 
3. John Mikulski, Paul Suplee

Mixed 2 Person Team SUP:

1. Michaela Carpenter, Matt Jones
2. Malissa Austin, Scotty Scott
3. Julie Borsetti, Alex Young

Surfski Single:

1. Charlie Johnson 
2. Christopher Sleat
3. John Kilian

Surfski Double:

1. Elizabeth Poacher, Bruce Poacher


1. Travis Turnbaugh

A big thank you to everyone who came out and participated!! 

​-The Team

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