10. Kanulocks

Product Details: 
Keep your boards safe from the Grinch with these strong, durable, reinforced stainless steel straps from Kanulock. Comes with the ability to lock your boards on your car to keep them safe outside. Included with the package is a set of keys unique to your straps. 

Our Review: 
These straps are great for the paddler who is lazy… oh wait, no, I mean, too busy to take their boards off of their racks as soon as they get home. Or if they’re the type to grab some lunch after a long paddle. With the added feature of reinforced stainless steel straps and the ability to key lock the release mechanisms, these straps are sure to keep the avid paddler’s boards safe for extended periods of time on their racks. The straps themselves are durable and soft- ensuring that no damage will come to the board if pulled down tightly. Comes in 11′ and 13′ sizes! Highly recommended from the Walk on Water team!!!

​9. M-16 Onyx Inflatable Belt Pack

Product Details:
Unique design keeps stand-up paddleboarders (SUP), anglers, boaters, and other paddlers safe without compromising movement! 16 gram CO2 charge provides 17 lbs. of buoyancy – the oral inflation tube can be used to provide additional buoyancy up to 26.5 lbs. when fully inflated. Extremely low profile.Our Review:We at Walk on Water have been avid racers for many years. And as such, we’ve tried every inflatable belt pack on the market. While most suffice in that they will keep you floating in case of an emergency, the Onyx offers something the others do not- comfort. The sleek, small, and almost weightlessness of it really allow the racer and cruiser to feel comfortable while knowing there is something to inflate if the need should come. The only downfall is the Onyx’s flotation device is a bit smaller than the other brands. However, it does inflate up to 26.5lbs of buoyancy which is very sufficient in keeping you afloat even in the toughest conditions. And at $89.99 the price sets it apart as well!

8. Kore Dry Covers

Product Details:
1-sided board cover to reduce overheating and sun exposure. Made from Koredry lycra for greater durability.  Over 30º cooler vs. uncovered boards. Slips on in ten seconds. 4-way stretch to 1.5 feet. Fits in a backpack. Great for transportation on cars. Reduces discoloration. Made in USA.Our Review:If you’re looking for a quicker and easier way to cover your board after getting out of the water- this is the cover for you! While board bags have their purpose, and a little extra padding to go along with it, the Kore Dry covers offer convenience, flexibility, and the added benefit of keeping your board cool in the hot summer sun! Which, if anyone has done that knows, the dreaded de-lamination tends to pop up on a salty board in the hot temps. Also, these make great travel buddies if you’re going to be storing your board on your racks for an extended period of time. Trust us, they have been tested to their limits in Costa Rica of last year. Our boards wouldn’t have made it without one!! 

​7. Rinse Kit

Product Details:
With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes. RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water. RinseKit’s patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.

Our Review:
Surfing Assateague is fun. Surfing Assateague in winter is still very fun. Surfing Assateague with no showers after an awesome salty session is slightly less fun. But that’s okay! Because the Rinse Kit now solves that problem!! Fill it with some hot water, leave it in your vehicle and when its time to get going with the rest of your day, you now have a portable shower to get the sand and salt off of your body from the convenience of the parking lot. Added bonus- the ability to wash your board off for clean storage and no tracking sand back into your house. For those who love winter surfing- the Rinse Kit is for you!!

6. ​Speed Coach SUP 2 (NEW!) with Training pack and Heart rate monitor

Product Details: 
The Speed Coach SUP 2 (NEW!) is the only performance monitor specifically designed for stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Get immediate training and fitness feedback with every stroke you take. Receive detailed insight into your speed, stroke rate and stroke run on any paddle board you have in your quiver. The Training Pack option comes with easily programmed built-in workouts and detailed post-row stroke and split data review. Transfer data via LiNK to your PC for review and export as a CSV file to Excel for more detailed analysis and charting options. Or export data as a FIT file to enable transfer to most third-party training websites.Our Review:
The Speed Coach SUP 2 (NEW!) with training pack and heart rate monitor is a must have for any avid paddle board racer. Unlike other GPS units this one tracks your strokes per minute, which is an amazing piece of information when testing out new gear- such as paddles or boards. The team at Walk on Water have personally owned and tested ALL of the features on the Speed Coach SUP 2 (NEW!) and we all feel comfortable when saying- we highly recommend it in order to get faster on the water!

5. Paddle Upgrade

Product Details:
Start with our unique blade shape, allowing a less abrupt catch and higher cadence. Resized to meet the demands of today’s racers, but not so small to lose power. Gain a softer feel without sacrificing all your blade size. Note our unique 12 degree shaft to blade offset. A dihedral blade face makes it stable and consistent for all strokes. Feel the overall weight of just 14.75 ounces. Our Ultimate performance level uses our most advanced materials and process, gives elite level flex and balance for comfort and performance. Our Review:
If you’re looking for a lightweight paddle that’s good for a race and for surf, then the Werner Grand Prix paddle is hard to beat. Featuring a unique blade shape designed for a quick release in and out the water and slightly flexible shaft to help decrease the wear and tear on your shoulders makes the Werner both comfortable and fast. Werner only makes paddles so they know what they’re doing!! As evidenced by the Grand Prix.

4. I Love SUP Hoodie

Product Details:
This is a super soft light weight hoodie with I love SUP logo on the front from Evolve.  It is amazingly comfortable and is perfect weight for all year.  Show some love.

Our Review:
Fashionable, flexible, and fun- this hoodie is great for all seasons and all ages. Look great and feel great sharing your passion for SUP by wearing it over your heart! Great gift for that lady paddler in your life!!

3. Thule SUP Taxi 810 XT

Product Details: 
Convenient, tool-free mounting to the room rack via Speed-Link mounting system. Telescoping design delivers a custom fit for board widths from 70 to 86 cm. Ultra-high security for your board, thanks to heavy-duty, steel-reinforced webbing and spring loaded locking cam. Soft, weather resistant padding protects boards during transit. 4 Thule One-Key locks: 2 for locking strap assembly and 2 for Speed-Link (included).Our Review: 
Simpy put: The SUP Taxi (810 XT) by Thule is the easiest way to carry your stand up paddle board on your car’s roof rack. It’s sleek, easy to use, and best of all it keeps your boards safe and secure. The SUP Taxi comes fully assembled, ready to use right out of the box, and installing it on your roof rack is about as easy as you could hope for: no tools required. If you want to make the process of transporting your boards as efficient as possible, this is the product you want! 

2. Return to Goat Island Gift Certificate

Product Details:
Walk on Water is continuing the tradition with our 3rd Annual Return to Goat Island Paddle Sports Festival. Located in downtown Snow Hill the “Return to Goat Island” SUP race is celebration of the paddling lifestyle. Which means it is open to all forms of paddling: SUP, prone, kayak and OC-1. There will be a short distance/Kid’s race, a 3 mile open race, and a 17 mile elite race with mulitple classes and teams. All racers have a chance at winning $5,000 in cash & prizes with a chance to win a Goat! Our Review: 
If you are inspired by stand up paddle board racing or know someone looking to start racing or just interested in participating in a celebration of the paddling lifestyle -then this event is for YOU! ​ We at Walk on Water believe it isn’t so much about who wins or who loses- rather, it’s about bringing people together to experience a beautiful outdoor activity, share in the struggle and triumph of the course, and the feeling of exaltation once you and your fellow racers cross the finish line. It is very much a shared experience, blurring the lines between age and skill level. Ask any racer and they will tell you it is the welcoming atmosphere surrounding Return to Goat Island Race which becomes imprinted on their minds!

​1. Brand New Paddleboard!

 Product Details: 
Our featured board this year is the Movement Paddleboard Inflatable with Paddle 10’6 x 33″x5″. Movement Paddleboards solo series offers a durable yet affordable inflatable SUP with drop stitch construction and double reinforced rails. Perfect for the paddler who desires something more travel versatile and forgiving! Comes with a travel bag with rollers and back pack straps, fin, repair kit and pump and adjustable paddle. This board is great for beginners to intermediate paddlers and holds weight up to 240 pounds. Get out there and Join the Movement!Our Review:
The number 1 gift for the holidays this season is of course a paddleboard!!! Give the gift of being out on the water- it doesn’t get any better. We have all sizes, colors, and brands in stock for that avid paddler in your life or a first timer. Make the holidays one that cannot be forgotten with a paddleboard waiting underneath the tree!!

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