If you are at all familiar with the SUP world and the possibilities it holds, you may know that fishing on a SUP is not only possible, but it is an exciting and growing portion of the paddling community.

And if you have never heard of the possibility of doing so, then welcome to this specific sector of the SUP world!

Fishing, of course, can be a leisurely activity enjoyed in the sunshine with a few drinks, interesting conversation, and a feeling of satisfaction when you reel in a fresh catch.

But what about being able to get to tributaries, quarries, and other shallow areas not possible on a boat or by walking?

Well, you guessed it! This is where a SUP outfitted for fishing comes into the picture.

We are talking here about a board that can hold extra weight, has a place for a cooler, fishing poles, and other necessary equipment to allow the fisherman to have a successful day.

There are indeed a few companies which offer such boards. One of our most popular fishing boards comes from PauHana Surf Company. Their Big EZ Angler, coming in at 11′ x 36” equips outdoorsmen with a large board sporting a flat platform able to carry tremendous weight and outfitted with Seamounts to give the paddler the ability to attach different accessories suitable for any type of adventure.

If you are interested in the EZ Angler, contact the shop here today!

However, as this section of the SUP world has grown, so have the fishing options. And now, Evolve Paddle Boards has now come out with a variation of the fishing board which is sure to entice outdoorsmen across the Eastern Shore.

Labeled as the Guide Series this new board from Evolve is 11’6” in length and 33” wide with a thick body to hold the necessary extra weight carried by any fisherman with extra gear.

They have also decided to give the Guide Series a touring body style to allow for better paddling to and from secret fishing spots which may lie farther than originally planned for.

As anyone who has carried or paddled a big fishing board will say, they are heavy outside of the water, and they are heavy in the water. Evolve has designed a board with all the benefits of the size needed to fish successfully and made it easy and fun to paddle as well! It’s the best of both worlds.

In addition to the redesign, they have also painted the bottom of the board to mimic what fish may see when they are swimming through the water. The extra camouflage has been tested to give the fisherman extra protection from scaring their catches away. Think of it this way, by not having an obvious floating foreign object cause fish to swim in the opposite direction, instead, you have the bottom of a board that mimics the shimmer of the water, keeping fish in place. How amazing is that?

Your level of success fishing on this board will skyrocket compared to others.

And if you don’t believe us, stop by the shop, see it for yourself, and ask as many questions as you’d like. We are more than happy to help you get the board you are looking for!

We also hope you are getting as excited as we are for the upcoming season. For all of your paddling needs, Walk on Water is always here to answer questions and provide you with the proper gear to get you out on the water!

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