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What is E-Foiling?

E-Foiling (2022 affiliate program) + Demo center At this point, you’re probably aware of foiling. It’s the next craze in the SUP world that involves a foil attached to a smaller board. And just an airplane in the air, the foil in the water creates lift. On a good wave or being pulled behind a […]

The Latest Craze: SUP Foiling and Winging

Find Out Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Foil-boarding and Winging SUP is a sport that thrives on innovation.  Way back in the beginning, on the Hawaiian islands, natives would launch large wooden crafts into the ocean and use a wooden paddle to propel themselves through the waves.  It was a way to […]

Fishing on a SUP?

Yes! If you are at all familiar with the SUP world and the possibilities it holds, you may know that fishing on a SUP is not only possible, but it is an exciting and growing portion of the paddling community. And if you have never heard of the possibility of doing so, then welcome to […]

In Case You Missed Us…

On the weekend of February, 14th-16th Walk on Water participated in the #1 inside boat show on the eastern shore- and it was a fantastic success! This year’s show was the most popular to date with around 2,600 people in attendance each day. With the large attendance Walk on Water was able to expose a […]

Choosing the Best SUP Surf for Women

Surfing on a Sup can be one of the most pleasurable ways of enjoying the sport. The feeling of being lifted by a wave, pushing you forward, as you make a sharp bottom turn and scream down the line is exhilarating. You will be able to hear friends and fellow surfers hoop and holler while […]

Return to Goat Island: Updates and News

We are in the thick of it now. The winter has settled in, temperatures are remaining low and the cold has found a home alongside the shortened days. But these times don’t last. Things change. And eventually, the warmth, the sunshine, and the days paddling in the summer will quickly return. One of our favorite […]

Everything Inflatable

Over the last few years, stand up paddle boarding has exploded as a sport, hobby, and even job. Outfitters, shops, renters, and board companies have quickly begun to sprout out of the ground in seemingly endless places. From lakes, rivers, oceans, and bay, SUP can be found to experience in many places once thought dormant […]

New Products and Winter Updates

When winter descends upon the Eastern Shore, it is a time for locals and visitors to reflect on the past summer- what made it great, what to improve, and also what additions will make the next one even better. Walk on Water as a store is always looking to improve its services as well as […]

Tips for Winter Paddling

The time has come when any glimpse of warm weather (65 degrees and up) lays strictly in the past and the future. We are now in the present moment of January. Winter is here. But that does not mean paddling has to stop! It just means you need to take the necessary precautions and wear […]

2019 Wish List for Christmas

10. Kanulocks Product Details:Keep you boards sage from the Grinch with these strong, durable, reinforced stainless steel straps from Kanulock. Comes with the ability to lock your boards on your car to keep them safe outside. Included with the package is a set of keys unique to your straps. Our Review:These straps are great for […]