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2017 Wish List for Christmas

  10. Kanulocks ​Product Details:  Keep your boards safe from the Grinch with these strong, durable, reinforced stainless steel straps from Kanulock. Comes with the ability to lock your boards on your car to keep them safe outside. Included with the package is a set of keys unique to your straps.  Our Review:  These straps […]

Atlantic Paddle Games: The Gathering of the Tribe RECAP

With the sun shining, the waves peaking at 2 ft, and a group full of stoked paddlers- the 1st Annual Atlantic Paddle Games: The Gathering of the Tribe, was unanimously a great time for everyone involved.  The purpose of the Atlantic Paddle Games was to bring together a community of people who have integrated the […]

Return to Goat Island: Recap!

Saturday, June 17th marked the completion of the second annual Return to Goat Island Race located in Snow Hill, MD. Orchestrated by the Walk on Water team, the race featured SUP, Surfski, OC-1, and Kayak divisions giving racers of all crafts an opportunity to participate. Why then, is it called Goat Island? That’s simple!! In […]

Tips of the Week: Corrine Banks

What keeps you motivated on the water?  The beauty I am surrounded by- the calm of the water, the magnificence of how the wind and current can turn it into something like riding on an old mare or into a bucking bronco.  What paddle gear do you use?  I give all credit of my paddle […]

Tips of the Week: Seychelle

What keeps you motivated on the water? I love training to be faster, stronger, fitter.  Basically the desire to win races haha. Knowing that hard work pays off and that what I am doing is motivating to others out there as well. What paddle gear do you use? I use SIC boards, Sandwich Islands Composites, […]

Bachelorette Parties!!

One of our favorite activities here at Walk on Water is taking groups of inexperienced paddlers out on the water for the first time and seeing their smiles as they conquer their doubts and learn something new. It’s the best feeling for every one of our instructors. Often, we revel in the opportunity to show […]

Tips of the Week: Jeramie Vaine

What keeps you motivated on the water?My motivation is simple. I love being on the water. The water has been a part of my life for years. And now with stand up. I am able to spend more time on it and see it in a new way. And enjoy it with my family and […]

Tips of the Week: Jeremy Whitted

What keeps you motivated on the water? It’s always that glide I’m looking for.  Sometimes you have to do work first, but, whether it’s flatwater, ocean downwind, surf, whatever, the glide is what stays on my mind. What paddle gear do you use?-currently using Howzit and DaKine leashes-Season5, Virus, NRS, Xcel booties, RipCurl wetsuit-ride SIC Maui […]

Tips of the Week: April Zilg

What keeps you motivated on the water?  The fact that I’m on the water!! I don’t really care for running and the gym gets boring. I find being on the water peaceful, but also fun. Each day presents a special challenge, be it cold, windy, or wavy. There’s always something to work on and that […]

Best Paddleboards for Women!

​With the increasing popularity of SUP burgeoning in all areas of the country, naturally there has been a steady influx of boards styles, types, shapes, and companies. Which is great!! But that can also make it somewhat difficult to adequately nail down exactly what you’re looking for in a board and what to buy. Equally […]