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UV Board Covers by Coolco


Protect your board from the harmful rays of the sun with Coolco UV board covers. Made from UV protectant stretch nylon and lycra. Coolco keeps your board cooler in the sun by soaking up the harmful rays of the sun. It also keeps your board from oxidizing (discoloring) and protects from the degradation of inflatable paddle board PVC.  Keep it like new!  Available in multiple lengths and in two colors: grey and seafoam. Can be used to protect all kinds of boards incl:  inflatable SUPs, foam, epoxy and carbon paddle boards, kayaks, and surfboards.



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CoolCo UV Board Covers

 Protect inflatables, foam, epoxy and carbon paddle boards and surfboards

Protect your board from the harmful rays of the sun with Coolco paddle board and surf covers.  The Sun can discolor your paddle board and cause the resin to break down and become more fragile along with overheating the foam core.  All these things can minimize the lift of your board.  Protect it!


– EASY TO USE: slips on very easy compared to cumbersome bags. Bags can trap moisture in the bag and cause damage to the boards outer layer. Leaves handle still accessible.

-UV PROTECTANT: Coolco UV board covers keep your board from discoloration due to sunlight.

-KEEPS IT COOL: UV covers help keep the temperature down of the outer layer and core which helps in keeping your board from delamination by keeping the temperature down by 25-35 degrees

-LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE:  Put the UV cover on before loading on your car to protect it while you are driving. Nose and tail reinforced for long lasting durability. Leave your fin in while cover is on. Cover packs down very small.

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10'6" – 12' (SUP), 12'6" – 14' (Race SUP), 8'6" – 10'4" (SUP or Surf)


Seafoam Green, grey

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