Come learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling in a fun, safe environment. We will provide all the equipment and patient, professional instructors who will have you loving the sport in no time.  You will learn proper stance and paddle stroke as well as tips on maneuvering the board and water safety.


Beginner Small Group Lesson ($50 per person/ minimum 4 people)  Learn to stand up paddle board, feel confident and comfortable on the water and experience a beautiful outdoor experience with your tribe. We will cover all of the basics including board control and navigation, basic stroke technique and water safety. You will walk away feeling confident about paddling on your own during your next adventure.  A full 60 minutes with instructor. 

Semi-private or Two Person Lesson ($65 per person) – approx. 1.5 hrs. where you will learn all the fundamentals of stand-up paddle boarding, board control and navigation, basic stroke techniques along with water safety. There will be extra time to paddle on your own with or without your instructor.

Private Lesson ($75) – approx. 1.5 hrs. of 1-on-1 personal attention and instruction with a certified SUP Instructor. Great for beginners to advanced. Options to discuss specific needs and areas of focus to build upon. Option for video and stroke analysis with your instructor. 

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