Hey everyone, 
Sitting at the airport, delayed for my flight home from San Juan I figured it would be a good chance to recap the week in Puerto Rico for the rincon beach boy sup race.   For starters if you can make this race next year do it.  Great charities, great organizers, good food, and the people were super friendly.   I got to Puerto Rico a week before the race to get some warm water time, surf, sun and meet up with friends.  We started in aquadilla where my friends Scotty and Miquel have a paddleboard shop and outfitter.  We did a tour with them; and if your in that area pop in and say hi. They also have an insane selection of Rivieras, Corbans, jp Australia, Evolve paddleboards and more.  It’s called verde azul (www.verdeazulpr.com).    Snuck in a couple wind chop paddles on my boga and 2 days of small wave days in Isabella then ventured to Rincon.   Met up with some of the riviera guys (brandon, Ramsay and Maxximus).  Great guys and really good paddlers.  We ate a lot and got a good chance to explore Rincon.   If your in Rincon check out Calypsos at Maria’s for lunch and clean fun surf.  Tamboo beside the point for dinner, banana dang for coffee/smoothies and el estacion for random people watching; this is a local old school bar/tackle shop/slash random beach goods.    


Race day:  the race is held at villa cofressi and generally the water stays calm this time of year.  The water seemed in the high 70’s and air was upper 80’s.   The cofressi has a Sandy beach , bar and is a great place to watch a race (try a coco loco; just not before the race. )   Race is a water start and for once it seemed like a fair start.   They had over 250 people in the race.  The elite race is an 8 mile race up to domes and back with 3 buoy turns and a short beach finish. The short course is around 3 miles.  It can get a little choppy at the turn around but great conditions over all. I was fortunate to take 2 nd in the 12′ 6″ elite class, 4 secs behind Greg from mhl and just in front of Adrian from Riviera.   Travelled with my Boga team tsunami board.  It was the first time racing it and it felt extremely fast, cut the chop and held great speed.   I also used the Werner grand prix full blade paddle for my first time in a race and loved it.   Super light and smooth in the water. Fingers crossed paddle and board make it back in 1 piece.  They also run a cool kids course where Brian Alverez smoked it on his mini monster.    


After the race is a big party/festival at the hotel with killer awards, raffle and charity donations.   Definitely mark this race on you calendar for next year. Big thanks to Boga paddleboards, Werner paddles, verde azul, Scott , Miquel, Eric m, Brushy, riviera crew, Adrian g, walk on water staff and all the race coordinators for making this trip memorable. 

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3 thoughts on “2013 Rincon beach boy Puerto Rico

  1. Linda Powers
    April 16, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Congrats on your race! Sounds like a great way to mix training and relaxation.

  2. Tito Mendez
    April 23, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Thanks for the kind words Ron! Hope to see you again next year. 3rd position last year, 2nd position this year, looks like the top of the podium is waiting for you. Tito & the Beachboy Gang.

  3. sara
    February 10, 2016 at 10:54 am

    hi poo

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