Ocean Paddle Clinic July 15th!!!

Racers!! The East Coast SUP Cup is right around the corner! Hopefully all of you have been practicing in the ocean. Mostly because that’s where the race is being held. So…might be a good idea. 


In case you haven’t been, you’re in luck! 

Pro paddle-boarder April Zilg (see number 14: http://www.supracer.com/top-15-of-2015/) will be holding an ocean paddling clinic the day before the race- July 15th, 5:30 pm, at the race location. (Dorchester St/Caroline st))

The clinic will span two hours. The first hour covering proper technique and the bio-mechanics of paddling. Paddlers will be able to learn proper body position and specifically which muscle groups to engage for each phase of the paddle stroke- which will help avoid injury and increase efficiency. April will also teach paddlers the different strokes to use in various conditions such as flat-water, ocean, head win, side wind, downwin, and in the surf zone. Good stuff!!

The second hour will cover strategy specific to the race course. And with this being an ocean race this will rely heavily on teaching paddlers proper technique of entering and exiting the surf zone safely. After the technique is taught, paddlers will have the opportunity to practice and be critiqued by April. She’ll offer pointers and help to those looking to increase their skill and knowledge of paddle racing. 

Come join us for an educational and fun evening!! 

$75 per person- sign up on Paddleguru!!


See you out there!!

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