11’0” Pau Hana Big EZ Angler

Oh yeah. We’re talking a big board.

A big board for cruising. A big board for carrying a cooler. A big board for relaxing. And a big board for fishing.

That’s right, fishing.

The 11’0”x 36”x5” Pau Hana Big Angler is designed for the fishing man or woman. It comes fully equipped with attachments enabling the paddle-angler, or the pangler (Yup, I went there… “pangler”) in your life to attach fishing rod holders, plenty of bungees, and a cooler to place on the back to carry your fresh caught catch or a cooler full of liquid hydration. Or whatever it is you like to drink while fishing. Most people drink water, right? RIGHT?? The best part is, the cooler can also double as a chair while you’re sitting in the bay or the ocean waiting to reel the big one in.

So if paddling is your thing, if fishing is your thing, if cruising is your thing, if carrying your cooler and drinking water is your thing, (water, right?, RIGHT??), then this could be the ideal board for you.

Come on over to our store on rt. 611 to check it out for yourself!

And for a more in-depth look at what can be attached to the board, check out the video below!

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