The 4th of July!

Well, it’s almost the 4th of July once again here in Ocean City and we all know what that means: Lots of traffic, tourists, lines, drunk people, aggravation, a distant fireworks show, more lines and drunk people. What better way to ruin a holiday than with lines and drunk people?

But wait! Let’s not focus on the negative. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a more fun, less crowded alternative with a much better view?

What’s that? Yes!?

Yes, that would be cool. 

Well now the dream you’ve never thought you never had (that makes sense right?) is becoming a reality. We the people of Walk on Water are in the business of making such dreams a living, breathing actuality. So, in close to conclusion, we will be hosting a 4th of July evening starting at 6:30 pm this Friday at the Paddle Inn down Gum Point Rd. 

Wow, that took a long time to get to the point. But that’s what the 4th of July is like in town: a lot of aggravating time spent getting to a short point. Instead then, come relax with us in a nice back bay where we will be getting a front row seat to the fireworks show going on at the racetrack/casino. You can even rent a board while you’re at the Paddle Inn and enjoy the show on the water. Have you made up your mind to join us yet? I thought so. 

Oh and there will be some food and beverages of the adult variety- but it is a BYO event. (BYO = ‘bring your own’ for the uninitiated)

Call us for more information or visit the main page on the website to sign up! It’s under the Lessons/Fitness/Excursions page, then click on the Class Schedule. 

See you there!

Board Rental/Parking fee $20 per board
BYOB/Parking fee $10 per vehicle

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