Evolve Foam Boards!

Hello everyone!

We just received a new shipment of boards at our two locations on rt. 611 and K-Coast here at Walk on Water. And you know what that means…it means you need to come check them out! Soon! Like now! Yes, right now!

No seriously. Stop looking at pictures of that person you used to know through the friend of a second cousin you said hi to once at a party on Facebook, and come check out our boards.

Like this one: the Evolve 10’8” x 33″ foam board. These things are sweet.

They’re a foam board, but they aren’t really a foam board.

Most foam SUP boards are in essence built like giant boogie boards- layers of low density foam and plastic. But these Evolves are a full epoxy board wrapped in a hard layer of thick foam once the epoxy board is built and completed. So basically you’re buying an epoxy board with the added durability and dingability (I like making up words) that is not offered by fiberglass boards.

Not to mention the high density foam rails for extra protection against bumps and thumps, the brush insert deck pad which is great for yoga and grip in the surf, the tie downs for your PFD, water bottle or other carry-along items, a go-pro mount and futures fin boxes.

These boards are great for the aspiring yogi, the beginner SUP surfer, the all around family board, or as a rental fleet for those outfitters searching for good rental boards to invest in.

The best part is they come in three different sizes and an array of colors- so we can find the right one for you!

10’4” x 31” ~Comes in blue on blue and also as pink/purple.
10’8” x 33” ~Pictured as green and black.
11’4” x 34” ~Blue with a grey deck pad.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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