One Wheel!!

Have you ever thought to yourself…”You know, I really like surfing, but I hate the water.” If you have…then you’re weird. 

But that’s ok! Because now you can take your amazing experiences surfing and snowboarding and translate them onto the pavement!

With the innovative, lithium battery powered OneWheel you are able to carve up the blacktop like you would a perfect wave or fresh powder. 

Acting as a natural progression of your balance, the OneWheel increases speed as you lean forward and brakes as you lean backwards. Turning is as easy as leaning to one side of the board or the other- just as you would on a wave. Added bonus- the OneWheel goes off road! Take it down hills, trails, on the packed sand at the beach- there are no limits! Except the ocean. Don’t try it in the ocean. You still need a surfboard for that. 

BUT! Instead of loading your board up in your car and heading to the beach- grab your OneWheel, tuck that surfboard underneath your arm and slide on down to the beach for an afternoon session. You’ll have fun on the way to having fun surfing and it’ll save you a few bucks worth of gas. Not bad!

So, if awesome/fun/thrilling/new/exciting/exhilarating/cool things excite you then call 410-289-8787 to schedule a demo today or stop in our shop on 611 to check them out!!  

In the meantime, be sure to check out some videos to get you amped up!

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