2016 Chattajack 31!

Taking place on the 22nd of October, the Chattajack race held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, consists of a flat water race spanning 31 miles through the Tennessee Gorge.

This race requires participants to train extensively on their paddle strokes, timing, speed, and most importantly ENDURANCE. Working out by doing sprints, long distances, surfing, and land training all culminate to see if what the racers have been doing will work for them on this grueling race day. How long does it take you ask?! Let me put it this way: The course record for the main 14′ division, set by Larry Cain this past year, is just a couple of minutes under 6 hours. That’s a loooooong race!  Winding through the river on flat water for that long takes a toll on one’s body. However, because of this extensive test of strength, skill and stamina, this race stands alone in being one of the toughest on the circuit to complete. 

The race consists of the usual divisions with an added 14′ Women’s division. I’d say a 14′ board is most likely the way to go on a course as long as this!! 

We at Walk on Water would like to wish every racer good luck and safe journey with a special HUGE shout out to those East Coast Paddlers taking the challenge head on! Although we may not be there in person, we will be actively rooting them on throughout the day and look forward to hearing all about the experience. Great job guys!! We know you will represent us well!!

And if you missed the race this year, start your training now! And we will see you out there for 2017!!!

Check out the race course and video below!! And stay tuned for results and recap!

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