Pacific Paddle Games- RESULTS!

Congratulations to all of the competitors of the rigorous Pacific Paddles Games! Through 3 days of tough racing consisting of technical races involving the surf and a long distance race, each racer was pushed to their limits. By all accounts it was as grueling as it was exciting to watch and be a part of. 

HUGE shoutout to all of the East Coast paddlers representing, especially the CAP Sup crew and big congratulations to April Zilg for cracking the top 10. Nice work!!

Check out the results below!!

Women’s Pro Overall:

1. Candice Appleby
2. Shae Foudy
3. Annabel Anderson
4. Olivia Piana
5. Terrene Black
6. Fiona Wylde
7. Sonni Honscheid
8. April Zilg
9. Jenny Kalmbach
10. Morgan Hoesterey

​Men’s Pro Overall:

1. Connor Baxter
2. Michael Booth
3. Travis Grant
4. Georges Cronsteadt
5. Arthur Arutkin
6. Danny Ching
7. Kai Lenny
8. James Casey
9. Lincoln Dews
10. Mo Freitas

Pro Women’s Distance Race:

1. Annabel Anderson
2. Shae Foudy
3. Candice Appleby
4. Fiona Wylde
5. Olivia Piana
6. April Zilg
7. Sonni Honscheid
8. Jenny Kalmbach
9. Terrene Black
10. Hannah Hill

Pro Men’s Distance Race:

1. Michael Booth
2. Connor Baxter
3. G Cronsteadt
4. Travis Grant
5. Titouan Puyo
6. Danny Ching
7. Arthur Arutkin
8. Lincoln Dews
9. Bullet Obra
10. Casper Steinfath

Pro Women’s Technical Final

1. Candice Appleby
2. Terrene Black
3. Shae Foudy
4. Olivia Piana
5. Jade Howson
6. Annabel Anderson
7. Sonja Honscheid
8. Fiona Wylde
9. Morgan Hoesterey
10. Jennifer Kalmbach

Pro Men’s Technical Final

1. Connor Baxter
2. Kai Lenny
3. Mo Freitas
4. James Casey
5. Slater Trout
6. Travis Grant
7. Arthur Arutkin
8. Danny Ching
9. Michael Booth
10. Lincoln Dews

Recap Video of the first day:

And to check out the full results page head here!

​Can’t wait for next year!!!

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