Return to Goat Island 2017!!

For those of you who have just completed Chattajack 31 or are looking to add it to your race list next year…listen up!! We at Walk on Water will be hosting the 2nd Annual Return to Goat Island Race- a 17 mile elite race on the beautiful Pocomoke River. 

To say this is a perfect training race for Chattajack would be an understatement. 17 miles of flat water paddling through a winding river is a great way to prepare yourself for the beast that is Chattajack. Ask any long distance racer of any kind- after a few miles, it’s mostly mental at that point. And while this race will test you physically, it will also test you mentally- to see if you are 100% prepared and ready for that next endeavor. 

And for those not looking to go the whole 17 miles- fear not!! There will also be a 3 mile open race for those looking to cruise the Pocomoke or just getting into racing. 

We look forward to seeing all the racers out there this upcoming paddling season. And remember, if Chattajack looms in the back of your mind as an accomplishment worth striving for- Return to Goat Island will help get you there!! Register at

Check out a video below:

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