Koredry SUP Covers!!

Hey there paddle people!!

Or people looking to start paddling!!

Or people just interested in paddling!!!

Or people who have no clue about paddling!!

Or…let me start this over:

Hey there people!!! (Yup, that’s better)

Do you own a bag for your SUP board? If so, congratulations!! You’ve made a wise decision in protecting your board from all types of bumps and chips when transporting it to and from your desired location. They’re a great way to insure that your board is kept in good condition when loading it on top of your car, storing it for the winter, and keeping it out of the sun to protect it from the dreaded de-lamination.

However! Do you ever find yourself thinking it’s a little bit of a hassle to always throw it in and out of a bag? Or have you ever wished there was something faster, easier, but just as protective? Well, there’s good news- at Walk on Water we carry such an option.

The Victory Koredry covers are easy to slip on and off of your board. They still offer protection (though not as padded as bags) from dings and scratches, with the added bonus of keeping your board cool and safe during those hot summer days (which we will be longing for here shortly!) spent paddling all day at your favorite spot.  
We carry all different sizes- ranging from race boards to surf SUPs, even regular surf boards- that will fit your needs. 

And even though it’s early- these covers make for a great Christmas present for that paddler in your life. So come on in! We’re open 11-5 Friday-Sunday! And take a look for yourself. 

Extra protection for your board is not a thing to take lightly! Otherwise you’ll spend more time repairing the dings, instead of actually paddling!!

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