​With the increasing popularity of SUP burgeoning in all areas of the country, naturally there has been a steady influx of boards styles, types, shapes, and companies. Which is great!! But that can also make it somewhat difficult to adequately nail down exactly what you’re looking for in a board and what to buy. Equally for men and women alike! But that’s ok! That is why the friendly staff at Walk on Water is here- to help you choose. 

And with today’s blog, we will be focusing on the best quality boards for women- given their specific needs in length, width, thickness, and overall weight of the board. These are our top 5 boards and a great place to start your board research. Of course, if you are interested in a different brand or model, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may still have. Our goal is not only get you on the water, but also on a board that will maximize your fun while paddling!

5. 8’10” Naish Alana

Coming in at number 5 is the 8’10” Naish Alana! For those women out there who like to take to the ocean and shred some waves- this is the board for you! The 8’10”x30” size, along with an exaggerated tail rocker, is perfect for all wave conditions optimizing the time and need of the board making it the only surf style you’d need in your quiver- without taking up too much space in storage and transport. The board will fit easily inside most SUV’s, vans, and on top of small cars. 

Weighing only 22 lbs, the Alana is light enough to carry to the beach even if you have a hike from the parking lot. And as well all know, when it’s windy and you have to carry your board that’s too big, and too heavy after a long day enjoying the surf, the lighter the board- the better!!

However, the Alana dropped down to number 5 simply because it is a one dimensional board. Given its small size, paddling it in flat water is not recommended as it won’t have the proper glide like other boards designed for that type of use. There would be too much resistance in your paddle stroke making your time on the water less enjoyable. It’s best to buy this board just for the surf and an additional board for flat water!

4. 10’4” Evolve Good Buddy

Our number 4 board is the 10’4”x30” Evolve Good Buddy! This is the most versatile board in the lineup given that it is just large enough for a flat water paddle, but not too big for a surf session. It also makes a great beginner board for learning how to surf smaller waves in that it has plenty of rocker in the nose and tail, plenty of volume to keep you stable in the ocean, and is narrow enough to make turning in a wave easy. 

Basically…you should buy this board! 

But why is it not number 1?

Only because it doesn’t offer the optimal glide in flat water like a 10’6” does and it doesn’t encompass every body type given it’s lesser degree of volume and float. It would make for a challenging first board for the average body type, especially in the surf. So, if you are on the petite side then this may be the board for you. Otherwise a 10’6” would be a better choice!

3. 10’6” Riviera Select

,The Riviera Select comes in at number 3! Riviera’s have been in the SUP game for a while now, which has allowed them the opportunity to work out any kinks in their manufacturing process and design. And with the Select series, we at Walk on Water believe they have achieved producing a very nice board for those looking to break into SUP. 

The Select offers a stylish bamboo finish, bungees on the front to carry your PFD or water, and a pulled in nose and tail as well as plenty of rocker for learning how to surf or heading out on those smaller days. The Select Series also comes in a variety of different color styles, assuring that you will be able to find the choice that catches your eye. 

The only downfall of the Select series is the price tag. Coming in at $1,350 it is one of the more expensive boards on the list. But, with the price tag comes a solid quality shape and board. The Riviera also has slightly less volume than the other 10’6” boards on the list which drops it down a bit as well as a shallow handle which may make it more difficult to carry on long treks to and from your vehicle. 

Overall the Select series is a great board! And if you enjoy the design, pick one up from Walk on Water today!

2. 10’6” Evolve Paddilac

Alright paddling people, we’re at number 2: the Evolve Paddilac! Featuring a uniquely shaped rounded nose and pulled in tail, the Paddilac’s shape will help give newcomers to paddling much needed balance without sacrificing manuverability especially in the surf. As with each Evolve board, they are outfitted with a spot for bungees in order to carry a PFD or water bottle, and a W style, deeply recessed handle which makes carrying the board exceptionally easy!! 

The glide through the flat water is unmatched with the Padilac as the 32” wide surface allows for enough width to keep a steady balance, yet it not too wide to detract from the tracking of the board. And if you wanted to take it out in some small waves, the longboard style nose of the board will not only make it easy to catch waves, but it will be a blast as well!!

The decision as to whether put the Paddilac at number 1 or number 2 came down to one thing: the volume of the board. At 185 litres, the board still holds plenty of weight! But given the fact that the rails are more rounded instead of squared up, the Paddilac might be a bit tougher to balance on at first for a beginner paddler. That’s the only flaw- so consider this board number 1A instead of 2!

1. 10’6” Evolve Roots Yoga Board

Alright, alright, alright (Matthew McConaughey voice) we’re down to numero Uno! The Evolve Roots Yoga Board. This board nails it all! It has the sleek design- bamboo, roots logo, bright colors (comes in blue rails and lime as well as a sleak white rail, all bamboo finish), the deep W style handle for easy transport and spots for bungee. But what it also offers is an interchangeable plug on the nose of the board where you may put a GoPro holder or swithch it out in order to put a spot to tie a sand bag down to throw overboard when you’re practicing yoga!! 

The Roots board also offers plenty of volume for the beginner paddler- coming in at 200 litres. The Roots also has a thicker 5” rail making poses on it easier and allowing beginner paddlers extra support and balance their first time out. 

But the best part is the Yoloha Yoga corktop mat! Creating a soft surface for your feet, the natural cork fabric is lined underneath with a soft foam allowing the paddler the best of comfort whether paddling long distance or stretching out in an pose they please to conquer. 

And do not be afraid to take your Roots to the ocean! The board has plenty of tail and nose rocker to shoot around on some small waves if you’re looking for a new challenge. 

The Evolve Roots board encompasses everything one needs in a board wrapped into one package- making it our number 1 board for women paddler’s!

Of course, if you have any questions, would like to see the boards in person, or would just like to chat about paddleboarding feel free to contact us at 410-289-8787. The friendly staff at Walk on Water are here to help you with all of your paddling needs. And we look forward to seeing you out on the water!!

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    I was wondering what you think about inflatable SUP boards. Do you have any experience with them? It seems like because they can fit in a bag when deflated it might be a good fit for any paddle boarder, men, women, beginner etc.
    Love OC by the way, I try to go every year. 🙂

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