What keeps you motivated on the water?  

The fact that I’m on the water!! I don’t really care for running and the gym gets boring. I find being on the water peaceful, but also fun. Each day presents a special challenge, be it cold, windy, or wavy. There’s always something to work on and that keeps it interesting!

What paddle gear do you use?

I run a 12’6″ Hobie Apex Custom, I’m pretty stoked on the shape, and I think its spot on for east coast conditions. Its a lower volume board to maximize its efficiency in and out of the surf zone. My paddle is the QuickBlade/Hobie mind-meld which is similar to the V-Drive.

What’s your favorite pre/post race stretches?

always warm up my rotator cuffs and my thoracic spine. I usually do a sun salutation or two before or after a paddle.

Nutrition tips to increase endurance and power on the water?

EAT, EAT, EAT! You have to eat enough food, SUP burns a lot of calories.

What kind of land based cross training do you do – weekly?

I ride my fat-bike when its too gross to get out on the water. I also go to the gym 3x a week to lift weights.

What’s currently on your top 3 playlist?

Kaleo, Hozier, and The Devil Makes Three

What is your favorite race memory?

That’s hard, I have such a great time at all the races I attend! Although, by all accounts I caught one of the biggest waves at my first ever BOP (salt creek) and rode it all the way in, that was pretty exciting but there was never any photo evidence!

What is your funniest race moment?

The time I lost my top in Florida in a draft train with Helga and Kim. They didn’t tell me, and when I finally figured it out, I had to stop to fix it and they took off!

What would you name the goat??

Goat-ey  (but then again, my yard owl’s name is owly, my camper van’s name is vany, and my fish’s name is fishy)

Any other free styling tips with a little self promo!

The only thing I like more than paddling is helping others paddle. If anyone is ever interested in customized training plans, coaching, or technique lessons, they should check out my website or give me a call!! aprilzilg.com

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One thought on “Tips of the Week: April Zilg

  1. Kelly
    November 21, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    Hi April,
    I’ve heard that intensity training burns fat and shapes your body really well, but SUP? Hmmmm, this is new and interesting.
    It would be great to offer fitness training courses based on stand-up paddle-boarding. Because, when this becomes a trend, everyone is going to want in!
    I’ve always dreamed of walking on water. But, today, I know I can get fit and get in shape doing the activity I love doing!
    Thank You

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