What keeps you motivated on the water?
It’s always that glide I’m looking for. Sometimes you must do work first, but, whether it’s flat-water, ocean downwind, surf, whatever, the glide is what stays on my mind.

What paddle gear do you use?

-currently using Howzit and DaKine leashes
-Season5, Virus, NRS, Xcel booties, RipCurl wetsuit
-ride SIC Maui XProLite
-always checking out different paddles
-VMG Blades are my fin of choice

What’s your favorite pre/post race stretches?

I do minimal specific stretching.  I just like to get warmed up and loose, make sure nothing’s too tight or knotted up.  Its good to get the lungs working ahead of time. I’m currently focusing holding a good posture, allowing oxygen to flow through my body as freely as possibly, before, during, and especially after the race.

Nutrition tips to increase endurance and power on the water?

I eat plenty of meat, brown rice and broccoli. I work hard during training, so I eat what I like, within reason.  It is key to stay hydrated-ALWAYS!!!!  not just during race week. I have a pre-workout powder that I take before a race and hydration mix that I like to take with on longer events, but especially in the heat.

What kind of land based cross training do you do – weekly?

I love to run.  Running is important on so many levels. Sprint intervals, uphill, distance, group runs, and local races are all excellent ways of building your endurance on the water. Beach workouts, which include body weight movements and sprint intervals are my jam. I’m slowly adding more barbell, kettle bell routines to my workout, as well.

What’s currently on your top 3 playlist?

I Will Possess Your Heart, Death Cab For Cutie
I Dont Care Anymore, HellYeah
Now That We’re Dead, Metallica

What is your favorite race memory?

Chattajack 2016.  The whole race, from the time I walked toward the water, all the way until I crossed the finish line, was an amazing period of time. It’s hard to describe, ask me about it sometime.

What is your funniest race moment?

Racing’s not fun. There’s nothing funny about it. Just kidding. I’m a clown and always cut up, there’s plenty of fun memories.

What would you name the goat?

Angel Blossom for a female
Blackie for a male

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