What keeps you motivated on the water?
My motivation is simple. I love being on the water. The water has been a part of my life for years. And now with stand up, I am able to spend more time on it and see it in a new way. And enjoy it with my family and friends. Whether I am out on a training paddle, SUP Yoga practice or just a paddle with some friends.

What paddle gear do you use?

I am currently using a Werner Small Fit Grand Prix blade size 86″ for racing. I use the the Rip Stick 79″ for surfing and the 3 piece Trance joins me on all my travels. I have been using all types of boards for racing. Lately my go to is the JP Australia 12’6 All Water for racing, downwinding and even in the surf. For Yoga I really enjoy the Roots by Evolve. The stable feel and the integration of the Yoloha cork mat makes the practice on water fun and enjoyable. For surfing I’ve been trying a bit of everything but using a custom 7’10” x 27. All of my boards have Futures Fins in them as well.

What’s your favorite pre/post race stretches?

I try and keep my pre race routine simple. I do some sun salutations, which is a sequence of standing, forward folding, down down and up dog. I add some variations of Warrior 2 and then a short meditation. The goal is to calm the mind, slow the heart and steady the breath.
Post race longer, more restorative style. Depending on what my body is feeling. I do some counter poses. Bridge pose. Legs up the wall and a reclined pose where the lower body makes a diamond called bound angle pose. The goal is to unwind all of the motions that I just did on the water during the race.

Nutrition tips to increase endurance and power on the water?

Endurance and power from nutrition is a tough one. And the reason why is that it starts the week leading up to the race. The goal is to not eat anything to lower and raise the blood sugar. Eat something that your body can process. I prefer oatmeal for breakfast and light pasta for dinner. With some greens. Lunch can be a sandwich with protein but nothing too heavy. And hydrate. Make sure the electrolyte levels stay up.

What kind of land based cross training do you do – weekly?

I prefer a mix of yoga and high intensity interval training. I worked out at a great place in San Clemente, CA called Foundation Fitness. Their programs were fun, challenging and helped provide the perfect balance for what the body needs during paddling.
My yoga routine will be restorative yoga if I am in the gym a lot. If I am not making it to the gym I’ll add one or two power yoga classes.

What’s currently on your top 3 playlist?

I’m in St. Croix now so it has been a healthy mix between Bob Marley, SOJA and other reggae artists.

What is your favorite race memory?

The Payette River Games in Idaho. It was the most humbling, yet most fun.

What is your funniest race moment?

Same as above. It was a fun venue. The race was short and we all could watch and cheer each other on.

What would you name the goat??

Hey. So everyone would know his name.

Any other free styling tips with a little self promo:

Thanks to Ron and the amazing Team at Walk on Water. This race looks like a great time and for an amazing cause. And to all the people who make it all possible. To my friends at Werner Paddles, Hoven Vision Sunglasses, Manduka Yoga, Futures Fins, VT Smoke and Cure, Turq Sports, NOCQUA Adventure Gear, On It Pro, Kite and Paddle St. Croix. 

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