What keeps you motivated on the water?

The beauty I am surrounded by- the calm of the water, the magnificence of how the wind and current can turn it into something like riding on an old mare or into a bucking bronco.

What paddle gear do you use?  

I give all credit of my paddle gear to the Walk on Water crew that has taught me everything from how to paddle, technique, the difference in paddles, boards….. so after being graciously given multiple brands of boards to try, I am on the Evolve 12’6”x25” carbon board after getting amazing results on the Evolve Panther along with a Werner paddler (I need something narrow and less stiff so that the bursitis in my shoulders do not hinder me).

What’s your favorite pre/post race stretches?

Pre: dynamic warm ups are better before an activity so, hips swings, leg circles shoulder rolls, arm swings, touching opposite hand to foot, and warming up with a slower paddle focusing on technique.  Post: I have practiced yoga for 15 years and am partial to pigeon for outer hips, modified lunge for hip flexors, spinal twists, knot or thread the needle for back of shoulders, chester openers, single leg downward dog, and side stretches.

Nutrition tips to increase endurance and power on the water?

My secret weapon is my natural pre and post workout drinks by IDLife which give me energy and hydration (electrolytes) before hand; and amino acids, electrolytes, etc. after.

What kind of land based cross training do you do – weekly?

I do large variety so that my body doesn’t get stale and I do not get bored- surfing, biking on and off road, running, swimming, strength training, functional strength, high intensity intervals, pilates, yoga, and anything active and fun!

What’s currently on your top 3 playlist?

Before We Lose Our Mind- Hip Abduction, Fight Song- Rachel Platten, Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners (because it’s fun to swing with my daughter)

What is your favorite race memory?

Medaling at the Xterra World trail run championship in Hawaii.  I was so overwhelmed and exhausted I cried when I saw the results.

What is your funniest race moment?

Maybe my first paddle race one month after first getting on a board I went for the elite division. I fell off my board at the race start and was clueless during the race.  Ran my board as long as I could in shallow waters, talked everyone’s ear off, got “Row row row your boat stuck in head” and sprinted into the finish with Chris Willey at the time who may have elbowed me at the finish line lol!

Any other free styling tips with a little self promo:

I used to battle the mental part of racing and have been my own worst enemy so, if you can stay relaxed and just enjoy the race, it goes so much better and is less physically draining. You can find out more about my life coaching, nutrition, personal training, and IDLife supplements on my website: b4lfit.com and corrinebanks.idlife.com. And if you are in the Ocean City area, I just opened my personal training space in Berlin.

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