What keeps you motivated on the water?

I love training to be faster, stronger, fitter. Basically, the desire to win races haha. Knowing that hard work pays off and that what I am doing is motivating to others out there as well.

What paddle gear do you use?

I use SIC boards, Sandwich Islands Composites, based in Maui and VMG blades fins and I outfit with Sweet Waterwear and Kaenon sunglasses.

What’s your favorite pre/post race stretches?

Pre-race I do more dynamic stretches, shoulder openers, pass throughs, arm swings, and sides lunges. Post-race I really like to stretch out my back- anything thoracic opening and spine lengthening, puppy pose, side stretches and spinal twists. I’m really into foam rolling as well. Mostly for my thoracic and lats.

Nutrition tips to increase endurance and power on the water?

Nutrition is SO important in all aspects of life, especially in order to train and perform at optimum. The basics are: make sure you get enough protein and the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates and fats. I personally do around 25% of my calories from protein, 45% from carbohydrates and 30% from healthy fats. Most people, especially women, don’t eat enough protein to gain muscle, which will increase your paddling power. Live by simple nutritional rules like: Always remember to eat your veggies and avoid sugar as much as possible. Supplements can help a lot as well with the high demands we put on our bodies during training. I use all organic supplements and protein from Remedys Nutrition.

What kind of land based cross training do you do – weekly?

In addition to my paddle workouts, I do traditional weight training 2 to 3 x a week as well as running/cycling once a week and Yoga 2 x a week.

What’s currently on your top 3 playlist?

Don’t know. I like hits that pump you up. Pop cardio. lol and EDM

What is your favorite race memory?

Winning the 200m Sprint “Fastest Paddler on Earth” time trial in Germany last summer.

What is your funniest race moment?

Before the days of having my vest pac and my never-fall-off sweetwater exxy top, I didn’t have anywhere to put my phone while paddling and listening to music. I tried sticking the phone in its waterproof bag inside my bikini top one day and about a mile out, it slid out the bottom and hung from the string around my neck and bounced my bikini top right off. It was a part of the race that I couldn’t stop paddling or I would have lost my place, so I just paddled with my boobs out for a while. Got some funny remarks afterwards…

What would you name the goat?


Any other free styling tips with a little self promo:

My biggest realization over the last 2 years has been that anything is possible if you really go for it. Set goals, make a plan, and give it 100% of your focus and dedication. We are all in different stages of our lives and the amount we can focus on one thing is very different for each. But the method of goal setting and plan following is key to success and all too often overlooked. Believe in yourself. Be grateful for every moment. Breathe and Smile.

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