What is E-Foiling?

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At this point, you’re probably aware of foiling. It’s the next craze in the SUP world that involves a foil attached to a smaller board. And just an airplane in the air, the foil in the water creates lift. On a good wave or being pulled behind a boat, you will take to the skies on your board as the foil remains in the water. 

It’s a unique and fun experience. For a complete understanding of the ins and outs of foiling, be sure to check out our previous blog, “The Latest Craze: SUP Foiling and Winging.

But as all things seem to do – there is even a progression in the foiling world. And that progression has come in the form of an E-foil. 

You may already be familiar with it. Chances are you’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg, the face of, well, Facebook, and the creator of our brand-new Earth prison, the Metaverse, riding one in the bay. 

And while we can go on about the Zuckster even more, instead we’d like to focus on the E-foil and why it should be on your radar for 2022. 

What is E-Foiling?

E-foiling is the same as regular foiling with the added benefit of not needing wind, waves, or a boat. Instead you are propelled through the water with an electric motor and propeller on the bottom of the foil with the speed being controlled with a remote in your hand. 

This allows you to enjoy the activity of foiling in the bay, lake, or any other flatwater surface that has enough room for you to roam. The added benefit of e-foiling is you don’t need a boat to pull you in the flatwater. You don’t need to continuously pump the board to remain in the air. And you don’t need a wave to pick up enough speed to fly. 

Instead, you can control your speed right in the palm of your hand. 

Why You Should Try It

It’s fun! Having the ability to control your speed is a huge factor in what makes it such a great time. And the fact that you don’t have to wait for perfect conditions. 

One of the major factors in learning how to foil (or not learning) is having the conditions being perfect in order to give it a try. 

If you are winging, you need enough wind and in the right direction. If you are foil surfing, you need waves. And if you just want to give it a try on the flatwater then you’ll need to own a boat you can tow behind, or know someone who has one. 

With the E-foil, you can eliminate all the obstacles. Instead, pop it out of the box, set it, head to your nearest body of water – and give it a try! After your first session, we can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked. 

How to E-Foil

Once you are ready, drop the foil in the water and lay flat on your stomach. On your fist time in the water, this will be your position for the entire time. Remain with your chest against the board, just as you would paddle out a surfboard. In this safe position, use the remote to get the feel for the speed – acceleration and deceleration. Try turning as well. 

If you feel good there, you can then move to your knees. Make a few turns in this position until you feel comfortable. 

One important side note: Always be mindful of your feet. Don’t let them drag near the propeller and definitely don’t use the foil as a ladder to get onto the board. 

While under speed, transition from your knees and place your feet in the correct spots while maintaining speed. Always make sure you know if you are goofy footed or regular footed. A quick rundown on the difference – goofy foots always have their right foot forward in a surfing stance, and regular foots, left.

Go slow to begin with. As you pick up speed you will feel the board elevating above the water.

There are two main things to remember:

  1. Lean on your front foot as you gain speed. The motor will want to pitch the front of the board upwards at all times. If you don’t counteract the power, you’ll end up leaning too far on your back feet and will fall off. Keeping your weight in a forward position will make sure you stay upright during the lift. 
  2. Watch where the foil is when you do fall. The best thing to do when you feel like you’re going to fall, is to jump away from the board to avoid any injuries to your body and your board! 

It’s always a good idea to follow these precautions to make sure you are safe on the water:

Get to know your spot: Are you familiar with the water environment you are going to be hydrofoiling in? More specifically – know the depth of the water! Remember you have an entire foil underneath you, not just a few fins. If the water is tidal or the depth isn’t over the required amount to sink your foil, avoid this area. And never try hydrofoiling in an environment you are not 100% familiar with. 

Wear protective gear: Helmet and impact vest. We’ve mentioned wearing a helmet earlier, but it bears repeating. Keep your head and face safe in the beginning stages until you are comfortable on the water. Another great piece of equipment to use if you plan on surfing your foil is an impact vest. As surfers, you’re likely to cover your head and face when you fall. That’s a great practice to have. However, as you cover your head and face, you are leaving your entire midsection open to damage. With an impact vest, you’re protected. 

Take it slow: E-foiling is a process. Much of the movements required to be successful are not natural, even to the SUP surfer and kitesurfer. Always remember to take it slow, be consistent, and eventually you will have the motions down. 

Bail out if it lifts too quickly: If you feel the foil lift too quickly, bail. Any imbalance will cause your foil to flip over and put you in a dangerous positon to catch yourself on the edge of the wing. If anything feels off as the foil begins to rise, jump away from the board and try again. 

Try it first with a lesson/demo: The safest way to begin e-foiling is with a few lessons from a paddling professional. By being guided through your session, you’re guaranteed to have a better time on the water.  

Ready to Try? Demo Center

Walk on Water is your go-to demo center for Lift e-foils!

New for 2022, we have become an affiliate for Lift e-foils and now offer demos for anyone curious about giving it a try in a safe and supportive environment. We understand, e-foil boards are an investment, try one with us before you decide to buy. Learn the motions, be safe, and have fun with the team at Walk on Water! 

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