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Tips of the Week: April Zilg

What keeps you motivated on the water?   The fact that I’m on the water!! I [...]

Best Paddleboards for Women!

​With the increasing popularity of SUP burgeoning in all areas of the country, naturally there [...]

How To Choose Your First Race Board

We at Walk on Water understand that choosing your first SUP race board is an [...]

Preparing for Your First Race

So, you’ve been paddling for a couple of years now- you’re comfortable on the water, [...]

How to: Cut a Paddle in 10 Easy Steps!

First step: Purchase a paddle! And make sure it’s not an adjustable paddle either. That [...]

Downwind Paddleboarding!!

You may have heard from one of your paddle boarding enthusiast friend the idea of [...]

Epic Kayaks!!

Walk on Water is excited to announce we now carry a full lineup of Epic [...]

Top 10 SUP Gift Ideas for the Holidays!!!

Click on pictures to purchase! We are offering FREE shipping on all accessory purchases until [...]

Koredry SUP Covers!!

Hey there paddle people!! Or people looking to start paddling!! Or people just interested in [...]

Return to Goat Island 2017!!

For those of you who have just completed Chattajack 31 or are looking to add [...]

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