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Return to Goat Island: Updates and News

We are in the thick of it now. The winter has settled in, temperatures are [...]

Everything Inflatable

Over the last few years, stand up paddle boarding has exploded as a sport, hobby, [...]

New Products and Winter Updates

When winter descends upon the Eastern Shore, it is a time for locals and visitors [...]

Tips for Winter Paddling

The time has come when any glimpse of warm weather (65 degrees and up) lays [...]

2019 Wish List for Christmas

10. Kanulocks Product Details:Keep you boards sage from the Grinch with these strong, durable, reinforced [...]

Tips of the Week: Corrine Banks

What keeps you motivated on the water? The beauty I am surrounded by- the calm [...]

Tips of the Week: Seychelle

What keeps you motivated on the water? I love training to be faster, stronger, fitter. [...]

Bachelorette Parties!

One of our favorite activities here at Walk on Water is taking groups of inexperienced [...]

Tips of the Week: Jeramie Vaine

What keeps you motivated on the water? My motivation is simple. I love being on [...]

Tips of the Week: Jeremy Whitted

What keeps you motivated on the water? It’s always that glide I’m looking for. Sometimes [...]

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